Is a room free of flies worth the bounce?

I’ve always hated flies.

Once they’re in your house it so hard to get rid.

Depending on the type of windows you have.
The top opening ones are the worst.
The flies get in but there is no way for them to get out again.

Side opening windows are much better but it never solved the problem.

I used to be the architect in my old village

So I tried to include methods to aid fly extraction in any designs.

It is my lifes work but I finally made it work.

I invented one way glass – only one side is solid.

So if a fly is inside your house and goes to the window -it will fly straight out.

A fly approaching from the outside will bounce off or not be able to get into the house – as normal.

Take extra care to fit the pane the right way round.

There have been a few teething problems.

If you accidentally put your fingers or hand through the glass –

You can’t bring your hand back inside without breaking the window

You have to keep the forward momentum going and propel yourself through the window to the outside.

Then you are free to come back through the front door.

The windows work quite well overall, but are not as pet friendly as I would hope.

The aim is to improve the invention,although the initial drawbacks haven’t affected sales so far.

In high rise buildings children love to throw balls out of the window for their dogs to catch.

Free trampolines are the main things driving sales at the moment.

So the offer of a free bounce is an unexpected bonus for rooms free of flies.

Note there are further sales opportunities for incorrect installation.

Perhaps I should give this child a ball for their Auntie

30 thoughts on “Is a room free of flies worth the bounce?

  1. 2nd time around with my new window install is to learn NOT to jump out of the window after the fly flies back out. . Don’t worry you’ll get used to the windows.


  2. LOL! You have to figure out a way for the cat to get in and out tho’. 😀 Nan would love this glass- she hates flies too and we do have some in the house despite being on the hunt for them all the time.

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  3. Also agreeing with river girl, flies really are clever little bastards.
    The blue bottle is like the ‘Marine’ of the fly world.
    I have an electrified tennis racquet; because I haven’t ordered my windows yet, the blue bottle can Irish Dance on the racquet at the same time as taking 12 volts shouting “come on, again !!”
    Zap – “again !!” – zap – “again, come on !!” – zap – then buzzes off and flips me the birdie.
    I’m on top of the fridge-freezer with a sniper rifle waiting for it to come back with its mates.

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  4. I’ve thought of another solution: a window shaped like an enormous funnel with a light at the end that they are drawn towards, at the end of which is a narrow opening where they pass to the other side, There is light at the end of the funnel!

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