Which case is mine?

Have you seen my friend?

I took his photo after insulting his mother.

As friends do, I thought about the photo I had and wondered –

How could I use this to aggravate him even more?


It seems someone had already travelled back in time and created a product using his face  – spandex face cases.

I am all too familiar with the anxiety of watching luggage fall onto the carousel.

You’re quite unique,easily identifiable case – even though it is black – is indistinguishable from every other case.

I have even put ribbons on the case, the same day everyone else put ribbons on their case.

My friend is going on holiday and is taking his sense of humor with him.

So I got him the spandex of his own face to put over his suitcase.

He said he’s going to use it.

As it comes out of the carousel – there is no question whose case it will be.

Unfortunately I know his holiday plans.

Flash Mob

At considerable expense, with the co-operation of the luggage handlers at his arrival airport, I have arranged for every case in the hold to have his face on it.

The relief as the carousel starts up.

The first case comes out, then the second.

Imagine his face. Imagine everyone else’s face as they slowly look at him.


Perhaps it would be enough to make you stab your luggage?

As I noticed the potatoes and promise of more potatoes blog is encouraging. everyone to do.

Next up –

I’m going to try and do it for George Clooney.

Everywhere he goes. Every time.

Are you in?









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