New Traditions; why shouldn’t I just bring wine?


After reading Willowman’s New Traditions; The after Grace, I got to thinking;


An invitation to dinner and arriving with a bottle of wine.

Dr Ellen Langer is a Harvard psychologist and has studied how gifts strengthen social ties.

In an article she advises, “to give a really good gift, ask yourself ‘what do I want the gift to convey? What are the various ways to convey it?” and ‘How might I be misunderstood?’

She also writes that “the purpose of a gift is to demonstrate you care”

And “never doubt the power inherent in the most humble of gifts”

Thinking about the above and Back to the wine…

The dinner was at least a week in the planning, your hosts already have a shed load of wine to serve with the courses.

They might not have Absinthe, a Bauhaus Bootleg on vinyl or a hammer beaten hearth canopy?

How about a gleaming horse brass or feral rock pigeon?

Be original with your offerings, don’t follow the herd. Show you care by banging your own drum, blowing your own wazoo and shaking your own maracas.

With that in mind I’m willing to wager they won’t have had the Ski Sunday theme tune performed by a one man band as an offering.

Might be worth booking a dance instructor at the same time as Big Bob’s banging one man band.

Bit tricky teaching the dinner guests the ‘ski dance’ while playing the accordion…Big base drum, harmonica, cowbells, maracas, flute, spoons, plastic comb …

Tim Willows Additional Thoughts.

It occurred to me to start a new tradition,which I called the after grace.

Read a little more about the  blog writers.

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