If I say “That’s original” you can’t hurt me


There’s a guy in my village I used to go to school with called Richard Head.

The first thing anyone ever said to him was always an insult.

He always said sarcastically   ‘That’s original’

These were the comebacks to the similar vein of insults he always received.

The implication that you are not original and you are making a stupid joke.

If he had been smart he would have introduced himself as

“Hi, I’m Dick Head”

Where would you go with that?

Richard would have won the game before it began.

There are so many people out there with funny names – like Arthur Bunn, Yolanda squatpump, or Rachel Hardy Harr.

They are responding now,all over the world, almost in unison, to that most obvious joke their name inspires :

“That’s original”. 

Let me say one thing to them all.

We are making the jokes about your name

because we know you’ve heard it before.

We’re not trying to be original.

We’re trying to push you to the edge.

To see what happens.

To see if you break.

We’re tired of looking at cats on the internet.

We need some fun.

When you’ve said “That’s original”  1,035 times in one day.

Is 1,036 is going to break you?

Is it going to make you lose your shit?

It’s a game we all play with people with funny names.

That’s the danger when you get tired of looking at funny cats.

Okay – just one more cat – before Richard comes back.

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