Please turn off the fans, I’m losing my S***

Your mental acuity and faculties are running at top speed.

Things are going right :

You are getting your shit together.

You are getting shit sorted.

Before you proceed . Turn off all of your fans.

When things go wrong it will not be as bad.

Did you turn off your fans?

You didn’t did you?

Now I think I’m losing my shit.

The meaning of losing your shit according to the free dictionary

1. rude slang To lash out emotionally (often angrily). My mom lost her shit when she found out that my sister had takenmoney from her purse without permission. I never expected Tom to start crying and kicking chairs when he wasn’telected to student council, but he totally lost his shit!
2. rude slang To lose control of one’s mental faculties. Why did I get up from my desk? Oh man, I’m definitely losing my shit.

So if I lost my shit – would you shit your pants? Am I that scary?

Despite everyone using the phrase to mean they’re angry – they’re wrong.

Lets consider where we all keep it.

The only examples I can think of, of losing my shit is when I was very young.

There was also “curry gate”

The event of “losing it” only actually happens when you are overly relaxed or scared.

Just like “shitting your pants”

I’m usually right and this guy is talking sense.

Winston Churchill

Taking losing your shit to mean angry is a definite form of non sense.

But it is also very fitting, if you think about it.

A lot people who display anger are really scared deep inside and afraid to admit it.

They still might shoot you though.

So run like hell.

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