The Magic Word.

I was browsing in an incredibly busy and noisy, well known, 24 hr superstore.

I was actually practising not sprinting out of the first available exit due to anxiety but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

While ‘browsing’ I happened upon a grandparent listening to her grandson whose hearts desire was a small Disney car from the display.

Can you remember being a child and wanting something so badly you believed you’d die without it?

That’s just what he sounded like when presenting his case in favour of owning that toy car.

What some children today don’t realise is a rare and well placed please and an appreciative thank you can pretty much guarantee a desired course of action. I’ve seen some of the most resolute grandparents melt on hearing good manners.

Intrigued by the outcome I continued to listen to the young man’s mannerless desperation only to be finally interrupted by his nan asking

“What’s the magic word?”

(I don’t think I’ll ever forget this)

He paused, puzzled, and looked up at her replying


Not wanting to embarrass the young man by laughing out loud I took myself around the corner and collapsed from the inside out.

That inward, restrained kind of laughter where your body starts folding up neatly in on itself and you mew like a buzzard?


If you haven’t experienced it, put in on your ‘bucket list’ ’cause you’re just letting the best things in life pass you by.


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