How social media killed my village

Our village was central to the supply for villages across the country.

New people would come in, or existing inhabitants would eventually breed new stock.

Then it was just waiting for another village to give one of us a call.

“Hi, Are you an idiot ? “

I’ll never forget where I was the day I took the call.

I was on the phone.

“Yes. I’m an idiot”

There were so many villages missing an idiot.

Ours was a village of idiots waiting  to be assigned.

Every village needs an idiot. Our village was in high demand.

It was a real status thing. I was privileged.

That’s what they told me.

Imagine being in a village full of idiots, then suddenly moving to a new village where you are the only idiot within miles.

It was like being famous.

I was one of the last idiots to leave the village.

After I left, the old  village  phone stopped ringing.

I blame social media.

Everybody was now an idiot.

It was time for me to go home.





14 thoughts on “How social media killed my village

  1. I don’t know any village idiots, but Attila The Hun was a pillage idiot (not that I knew him, but one of his descendants (Donald TheTrump) is pillaging everything he can get his tweets on (and it takes a village to enable him).

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