Shouldn’t we just get a monkey?

I was talking to my friend.

He said “I think we should get a monkey.”

Think of all those cat flaps he said . A massive hole in peoples doors. They’re asking for it.

Smart and small, A capuchin is the one to go for. The original organ grinder monkey.

A bit like me, who walked into a reflection of myself at the airport and apologized, Capuchin’s may not recognize themselves in a mirror. However, they do sense that something strange is going on. An intermediate stage between recognizing the mirror image as another individual and recognizing it as oneself. Perhaps there is a learning process to this as well.

I only walked into myself once at the airport.

It would definitely be a Capuchin.

“Yes”,I said. “We could get the monkey to bring us free cheese.”

My friend looked surprised.

“I was thinking more of the monkey going in through the cat flap.

Then opening the door for us.” He said.

“So we could steal things for ourselves.”

But I like cheese, I said.

You want how much cheese?

3 thoughts on “Shouldn’t we just get a monkey?

  1. The monkey goes inside, eats the cheese, steals the gold, and then goes out the back dog flap. He laughs at the two gentlemen on the front porch.


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