The sharpest knife in the drawer, Queen Victorias Coronation

I realise I am a little behind on my reading.
Above is an excerpt from the Hereford gazette,1838.

I am sure a lot has happened since then,so please don’t spoil it for me.

I’m really looking forward to getting caught up.

One particular highlight :

A fond mother took her darling on her knee, and then a loaf, “intending to make a bread and butter for it” as people say hereabouts; (in other words a sandwich)
But by a strange fatality she buttered the child’s face and cut off it’s head

before realising her “mistake”

This appeared in the Philadelphia gazette and the Hereford gazette in England in 1838 on the day of queen Victorias Coronation. Also in a book called american broad grins.

Its not so much a joke or a made up story but I think is actually a mother’s excuse for murder.

The story finding it’s way from the courthouse to the joke section of the gazette -or various gazettes through the world.

Note the speed of the trains in those days. From the Queen’s neck of the woods, Windsor. An average speed of 144mph.

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