Remember when it was just day? A pure finding day.

That’s when things were done.

Day time.

Night time, that’s when things were fun.

That rhymes. In reality things weren’t fun at all.

It was dark. No electricity, no plumbing.

When you had to go you still had to go.

If you were lucky perhaps you had a candle to light the way .

If you were unlucky walking at night in the city, the sudden shower would not have been rain.
Walking under the eaves was not a good idea. An eaves dropper was originally someone who dropped the contents of the night bucket into the street.

You were either lucky or smelly and wet in those days.

Now you could look it up, but my guess is you’re too lazy. It may as well be true.

One day you got up. The church bells rang out the time.

Prime bells for the dawn. Ready to go. You’re not covered in shit.
Today is going to be a good day.

What’s your job? A pure finder. Running and chasing down dog shit to sell for profit .

In Victorian england ,to supply tanneries in Bermondsey,London, pure finders would chase and collect dog shit to supply the trade. As well as urine, this ‘brown gold’ was used as part of the tanning process to break down the leather for making bookcovers amongst other things.
Often the gains picked up from the street were kept hidden, as the trade was valuable for a time, a good living could be made.

Terce (mid morning,3rd hour). I could say beware of vetinarians sharing sandwiches, the same could be said of a pure-finder.

Sext at noon. Always a good idea. Hard to get considering your job.

None was the 9th hour . Which became noon, the last survivor of the old time.

Compline ,and I’m sure you would be with that kind of life, is the last bell of the day.

Tomorrow is a new day, but remarkably similar :

I am an old pure-finder, when folks say ’How d’ya do?’
Says I, ‘Well, I do doodoo and do do well don’t you?’
I do doodoo so well, when the doodoo I do sell,
But could do doodoo better if the doodoo didn’t smell.

So, when you hear someone say “Those were the days”

They weren’t.

Note :

The photo is not that of a genuine pure finder from the 19th century. It was a reenactment, including future anachronistic spectacles.

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