The new tradition. – The after Grace

After a great Roast beef dinner, I started blabbing on about kitchening and how it enhances the meal.
It’s also a word I can’t find.
The word describes the method of mxing the foods together in the fork. Meaning the contrast is experienced when it is eaten.

We both really enjoyed it, roast beef, carrot and parsnip and suede with nutmeg and pepper. The suede really working well with the beef.
Kitchened together -beef suede,carrot and parsnip and roast potato.

I should start a new tradition, saying the after dinner Grace.

I didn’t mean a dear lord thing.

Not that nonsense.

Give thanks to yourself,your family and give gratitiude for what you’ve just eaten.

I was imagining a dinner party and refusing to say grace.

The host all offended .

“I’m not saying it. You might not be able to cook. Wait till I’m finished.’

It may explain why I’ve never been invited anywhere more than once.

The after grace – the new tradition.

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