The half life of I love you

24 MAY 2018, 12:34 PM

In the beginning was the word..

Whoah, hold on, fast forward a little bit.

As Jesus said heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will never pass away.

I have to assume he wasn’t being arrogant. Perhaps it was the idea of words that was eternal.

I like to think I mean what I say. I can often take my time before I reply. Your word should have power, it should be dependable,like carbon. An element which takes millions of years to decay.

The measure of how long elements take to decay is called a half life .

Usually used to measure radioactive decay but it can also be the time required for any specified property (e.g., the concentration of a substance in the body) to decrease by half.

For example the half life of coffee is 4-6 hours.

What is the half life of I love you?

The meaning of the words I love you certainly hasn’t changed since I said it last. I meant it. If nothing has changed, why should I have to say it again?

Do the feelings the words express decay over time?

And you know,while I was thinking all these things, my wife said ‘ I love you’

I was in the middle of mentally listing the half life of various elements on down. Vanadium, Uranium, Nobelium,Francium,Diddlium,Dumptium, Bashful and Doc.

A process that should not be interrupted.

I have learnt a valuable lesson though.

When you hear I love you , you have to say it back.

It’s just easier.

What is the half life or your words?

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