Barbeques as an alpha interplay with the magic of alpha rated meats

Seeing the Florida families on holiday – you can smell them first.

You know they’ve started up the barbeque.

They try it once,usually.

It seems to be too much of a bother. Too much faff.

But why ? Why are barbeques even a thing?

I think that when these BBQ are set off within a family unit, there’s no need to ‘display’ or show off.
Faff is faff in a family. Families don’t need it.

In larger gatherings there’s usually a man in charge of the barbeque.

One meat head.

On the surface it seems to be about feeding people. But is the subtext really a social display with a heirarchy?

Where the Alpha displays his status,king of the meat heads. Food quality doesn’t matter.

Within the social group the alpha food has to be received as if it were good.

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“What’s that Joe?”

“It’s the incinerator 2500. Takes 25 big boy steaks with an easy flip option.”

“What that you got Joe? The big girlie 250?”

“How many does that take again?”

“3 girlie burgers. Do you use it in your doll house?”

“What’s that Joe?”

Yes. I only wear a thong at a barbeque.

“A real man should be splattered with meat juices.”

“You hear that Joe?”

“That’s the sound of the hair on my entire body slowly burning.”

“You ever seen a lady,Joe?”

“Neither have I.”

“Come stand next to me,Joe”

“Catch some mansplatters.”

“Flip those my burgers Joe, a real man uses his fingers,like my mother did”

( This interlude was brought to you out of the Alpha real society)

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