When life gives you lemons….

Don’t open a lemonade shop like my father did.

Everybody’s getting lemons all the time. For free.

What was he thinking?

People are so damned positive these days,lemonade is everywhere .

You know what happened?

My father filled his van with his useless lemons and drove off a cliff.

Here’s a photo of him relaxing in happier times :

Your damned positivity killed my father.

So when life gives you lemons think about that.

3 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons….

  1. Looking at it sideways;
    (RIP your father)
    When life hands you lemons,
    How about adding two parts draft of the daft and shaking vigorously and spinning clockwise on the spot? – at the same time – ha !!
    (Something to do with ear canals and centrifugal force)
    Then enjoy and delight in the ensuing Lemon Linguistics?

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