Reason to be earthbound, not knowing

08 MAY 2018, 04:12 PM
I’m not going to partake in telling others how to live their lives. But is it wrong to play “Missionary” and try to help people?

For every Jesus there is a Judas.

Meaning if you help in certain ways you will get a certain response.

Live your best life, if people ask you, answer.

If not, be kind as they find their own path.

But, for every fool that persists in his folly , and becomes wise. There is a man who holds wisdom dear finds himself a fool.

What philosophy do you believe in? Would others agree with it?

The Shakespeare quote sums it for me :

“There are greater things in heaven and Earth than are present in your philosophy,Horatio.”

Life can be a place of majesty and wonder,whose true meaning we can never define.

Imagine a soul.

Imagine that soul agreed to be earthbound.

But why?

The condition of being earthbound means that you cannot know.

Imagine a soul exists in the eternal knowing.

Knowing all day long,like dwarves singing their way to work.

Imagine the idea of not knowing.

The soul agreed to be earthbound,one day to return,in death.

To know one thing, that it cannot – Not knowing or being able to know.

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